Abbey Westvleteren binds battle with biersmokkelaars


Abdij Westvleteren bindt strijd aan met biersmokkelaars

A year after a Dutch supermarket chain, the trappist from Westvleteren outside the knowledge of the abbey was sold, the monks in action shot. ‘They’re thinking about a new ordering system and go in search of the rogue smugglers. Westvleteren should be a fair product to continue’, says their spokesperson.

No big damages. Apologize and promise to stop. Demand that the monks of the Sint-sixtus abbey in Westvleteren of drankenhandelaars that their world-famous trappist beer is illegal – and often extortionate – sell. Their lawyer sent over the past year several letters to the offenders. It goes both for merchants and web shops and physical stores which provide the trappist offering.

“But the major culprit in the whole black circuit are the trafikanten that act as intermediary,” says the spokesperson of the abbey. “To them sticks in the wheels to stick out, think the padres are now on a new ordering system.”

300 bins in stock

For decades, the mystery surrounding the trappist from Westvleteren, thanks to that ordering system is well kept. Who a bowl of the best beer in the world wants to receive, namely several times to the abbey itself call. Usually not even beyond the busy signal to get. One phone number can only order the 60 days to place an order. And with the same license plate word you but to the 60 days left.

But let it be clear: the liquid gold of the Westhoek is what of its exclusivity is lost. Who a Westvleteren want to drink, do not per se more or call into the abbey drive. Because, a lot of beer bars, the trappist simply click on the map. ‘Drankenhandelaars offer the just. You can even use on invoice purchases’, said a café operator, who wishes to remain anonymous. And also online is a bottle of Westvleteren with a few mouse clicks purchased. That quickly ten times as expensive, you need to take. And that is due to the black circuit in recent years.

That was exactly a year ago is very apparent when the Dutch supermarket chain Jan Linders suddenly Westvleteren to purchase offered. They had actually 300 bins of the trappist in stock. “That is for the padres really a wake-upcall”, says their spokesperson. “They reacted very disappointed. People brewing but four days per month and its totally not profit. They brew simply to live. And if there is profit, then it goes to good causes. When they noticed that their trappist by a supermarket of profiteering was sold, they have decided to come up to battle against the black economy.’


The fathers called a lawyer and sent several letters. Mainly to retailers who bake, sell, drankenhandelaars that cafés provide and shops that the trappist online sales. But to the bierzwendel really, they want their system to adjust. ‘Here come the people that in two years time, four times of mobile number change. Or people who, for two months to bake, but never empties back. Something is not right, ” says the spokesman.

“These are people who by the trafikanten be enabled to trappist to come and pick up. And that trafikanten that the largest profit on. Westvleteren should not be monopolised by people who are in an organized and professional way a black circuit on feet have put. The fathers wish that every individual who wish for a fair price of their trappist beer can enjoy.”