Woman (27) on the moped died after head-on collision with car


Vrouw (27) op bromfiets overleden na frontale botsing met wagen

A 27-year-old woman Saturday morning to life in a traffic accident in Assebroek, a municipality of Bruges. That happened just before 7 o’clock in the Odegemstraat. The driver of the car put a positive breath test, but was not drunk.

The victim rode with her moped when she head-on collided with a car. That happened at the height of a road narrows where the roadway is only one box wide more is.

The blow was huge, because the car ran quite a lot of damage. The young woman ended up on the roadway and was probably killed. The emergency services were notified immediately and tried to revive him, but all the help came too late.

The public prosecutor suggested a verkeersdeskundige to the precise circumstances. From his first findings showed that the bromfietsster priority. The 30-year-old driver of the car went perhaps a little too fast and had been drinking. “There was alcohol intoxication, but he was not in a state of drunkenness’, which sounds to the public prosecutor.

The victim drove slightly faster than in the zone 30 was admitted. May have noticed the driver of the car, its just not on, because there was definitely enough space to each other without problems to cross it.