Without substantial investment in Justice get CDH is not in a government


Zonder forse investering in Justitie stapt CDH niet in een regering

Justice has a lot more money needed, says CDH.

CDH wants to be an investment of at least a half a billion in Justice. Otherwise, get the party is not in a federal government, says the brand new president Maxime Prévot in La Libre Belgique.

CDH calls for a thorough, refinancing of Justice. There is at least a half a billion extra. Party Prévot find it in La Libre Belgique, even a prerequisite to, after the elections at the end of may, in a federal government.

Interestingly enough, the called minister of Justice, Koen Geens (CD&V) previous week same amount during an interview on the RTBF.

CD&V and CDH about this and already have an appointment? After all, there is a closer working between the two parties. Prévot denies. “But I’m glad that Man of our question subscribes to. I would be even happier to have been, had he something to be done. He had have the opportunity as a minister. We, as an opposition party, not.’

According to Geens are the priorities at the Justice ministry, the buildings, the computers and the staff. Prévot do not totally agree. The 500 million euro additional where he speaks of should really go to the functioning of the Judiciary system (it, staff). The buildings, which certainly also is in need of money, are for the account of the régie des bâtiments.