Warders Leuven-Centraal put work down in protest against staff shortages


 Cipiers Leuven-Centraal leggen werk neer uit protest tegen personeelstekort

The warders of Leuven-Central lay today the work down in protest against the shortage of personnel.

The occasion is the opening of a new wing in the prison that can accommodate up to 100 inmates, bringing the total number of long-term 400 will bring. According to the trade unions, however, there is too little security feature to the prison safely to work.

‘The framework for Leuven-Central currently provides 192 full-time warders, which would be sufficient if everyone is present. There is, however, not take into account absenteeism due to illness and the various leave arrangements, ” says a trade unionist Hans Lemmens (GCPS). “According to the management, there are on average 17 being absent, but according to us, should you have that figure feel free to double”.

The unions ask that a practical exercise is created to determine how large the deficits are exactly. ‘On the basis of a rough estimate I suspect that the framework at least 10 percent must be supplemented. This is necessary not only for safety, but also for the preservation of the managerial staff with regard to the reintegration, ” says Lemmens.

The strike in Leuven-Centraal started this morning at 6 am. “How long they will last is difficult to predict,” says Lemmens. The unions warn, according to him, already some years in vain for that with the opening of the new wing, a labor shortage is imminent. Because both the gevangenisdirectie as the central administration of the penal institutions deaf to stay for their aspirations, demands of the unions for a meeting with the cabinet from minister of justice Koen Geens.

After the opening of the new wing will be the number of detainees in the first instance, on the same level. The wing is filled with an internal shift of prisoners. But according to Lemmens, the intended for the vacant post pretty quickly fill with new inmates.