Theaterlegende Tone Brulin died


Theaterlegende Tone Brulin overleden

Tone Brulin in the dance performance ‘Pure’

Tone Brulin died Friday at the age of 92 in Malaysia, the birth country of his wife. The career of Brulin – in addition to actor, writer and director is also the founder of the intercultural theatre in Flanders – spans the entire 20th century.

Of a travelling theatre on the Missisipi to anti-colonial pieces on Congo and South Africa, the life of Brulin reads like an adventure story with the turbulent last century as the background.

Tone Brulin was born in 1926 as Antoon van den Eynde, but took the surname of his mother when he was in the theater went. Brulin belonged to the first batch of students from the Herman Teirlinck. In 1953 he founded in Antwerp the Dutch Kamertoneel on, an avant-garde theatre group with which he the fire, the shins put the larger KNS.

He became a sought-after actor, director, and writer, among others, the Brussels KVS. In the 60s he also worked at the BRT, and he taught at the newly founded school of Ritcs.

On the side of contemporary Julien Schoenaerts, he played in 1955 in Seagulls die in the harbour, just about the first Belgian feature film. He played the pimp of the character of Dora van der Groen, with whom he was in real life was married.

In the years after world war II knew Brulin a celebrity. He stood in the center of the avant-garde, and was, together with Hugo Claus and Louis-Paul Boon, one of the driving forces behind the magazine Time and man. Later on, he would have a second magazine launch, Gard Sivik.

No blackface

But what Brulin so it was that he just looked beyond Flanders. He was one of the first to the innovative ideas of dramatists Antonin Artaud and Jerzy Grotowski with us to introduce.

Really what he did with his intercultural theatre. Brulin has toured with the KVS in the Congo, then a Belgian colony. In 1961, just after independence, he wrote, in Belgium the anti-racist piece Potopot. He had the black protagonist does not play by a kids white actor (in blackface) as was customary at that time, but gave the role to Clive Farel – the first black actor on the Flemish shelves.

Brulins most well-known and beruchtte piece is The dogs, an indictment of the apartheid in South Africa. The official South African authorities would be the performances in Belgium at the time – in vain – to try to prevent.