The hero of New Zealand: a young man risking life and pounces shooter


De held van Nieuw-Zeeland: jongeman riskeert leven en bespringt schutter

A survivor of the second shooting in a New Zealand mosque has told how a friend-his life risked for the shooter to disarm. An earlier attempt to get the offender to stop at the first stop, had a fatal outcome.

Syed Mazharuddin was present in the mosque of Linwood, where seven people dead, when he suddenly shots are heard. ‘All the people around me were panicking and screaming, so I sought cover. Just at that moment there came a guy by the entrance where a few old people were sitting to pray. He started just to shoot at them.’

According to Mazharuddin was the shooter zwaarbewapend, but still tried to help a man to him at that time to tackle. ‘The young guy which usually chores, read in the mosque, he saw his chance, had jumped him and took his weapon. Afterwards, the shooter walk away. The young man walked him back and tried to shoot him, but that did not work: he received the tractor not persuaded. Then jumped the offender in a car and he drove away. Apparently there were people waiting for him.’


At that time there were several friends of Mazharuddin been shot: ‘Some with bullets in the chest, others in the head.” One of his friends died on the spot, another was bleeding heavily while Mazharuddin, the emergency services tried to call. “I walked outside just then the police arrived. Then they showed me not more to the inside, causing my heavy bleeding friend could not help. It took more than half an hour before the ambulance arrived. It can not be otherwise than that my friend is dead.’

Also in the first shooting already attempt

Also in the shooting in the Al Noor mosque, where the shooter minutes earlier, 41 deaths, and someone tried him to disarm, but that went totally wrong. “One man tried, the shooter, to pounce, to his weapon to get it. But he was immediately shot down. I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t, ” says Khaled Al-Nobani. ‘The shooter stood there for perhaps two minutes, but he shot young people, old people, women. I have my three children easily and am by a side door to the outside walked.’