Shooter Christchurch has weapons purchased legally


Schutter Christchurch heeft wapens legaal gekocht

On images that the perpetrators themselves made were the semi-automatic weapons clearly visible.

The extreme right-wing terrorist who was arrested after the deadly attacks on two mosques in Christchurch had since 2017 a weapons permit. The New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern intends to bring the legislation in her country to adapt.

That has the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern Saturday reported. Terrorist attacks were 49 people to life. 48 others were injured, some of them are very.

The twenties was arrested with five weapons in his possession, including two semi-automatic weapons that he legally could purchase, said Ardern.

“Our wapenwetten will change, that I can guarantee”, said the premier, who added that the authorities would endeavour to have the arms of the man to trace. The Australian began in december 2017 weapons to buy.

The media pointed out previously that New Zealand is one of the few countries where semi-automatic military weapons can legally be purchased with a permit. Ex-prime minister Helen Clark called earlier in the day to the arms export control to verstrengen.


The 28-year-old man Saturday for the first time appear before a local court. That will to decide on his further detention.