“Hello brother,” said the first victim


'Hello brother' zei het eerste slachtoffer

49 candles for 49 deaths.

In the attacks in New Zealand came people of different nationalities to life. A lot of information about the victims is, however, not released yet. The first victim of the offender is in the meantime widely praised for its vriendelijkeid

When the attacks were 41 people living at the Al Noor mosque, and seven at the Linwood mosque. One victim later died of his injuries in the hospital.

42 people got injured. Two fighting for their lives, among whom a child of five years.

Officially was no victim identified. There are already long lists created with the names of missing persons. Among them also people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

According to the consul of Bangladesh are, for example, three people from his country to the killing. Jordan confirms the death of two Jordanians.

There are also the wounded muslims from Turkey, left, president Erdogan know.

It is by now clear that some of the victims are refugees who thought in New Zealand is a safe haven to have found, say the BBC.

Hello brother

One of the very first victims of the terrorist is now globally lauded for his last words. While the shooter is his weapon aimed, said the pakistani guy Naeem Rashid friendly: ‘Hello brother’. He was promptly shot. With eight bullets. His son would later be killed.

Naeem Rashid is on social media labeled as the best proof that muslims are not equal may be made to terrorism. “How many lives should muslims have to prove that their faith, there is no violence?” wrote one Twitterer.

The hashtag #HelloBrother is now trending on that social network, and by grieving people worldwide, used as a slogan for the hate to condemn