First two children of Syriëstrijders allowed to return


Eerste twee kinderen van Syriëstrijders mogen terugkeren

The two daughters of the Limburg Syriëstrijdster Amina Ghezzal.

The first two children of Syriëstrijders may from Turkey go back to Belgium. The Belgian government is also engaged in the recovery of children from the Kurdish camps.

The government has given the order to the Belgian diplomatic services in Turkey to make the necessary travel documents to deliver to two girls of 2 and 4 years.

It comes to the two daughters of the Limburg Syriëstrijdster Amina Ghezzal (29). They fled at the end of 2017 with her children from Syria. Ghezzal is in Turkey in the cell, where they to ten years is condemned. So the children already have a year fixed. Family members of the mother to travel back and forth to Turkey to care for them. The father of the children, Abdelkarim Elouassaki, is in Syria died.

Because she is not a Belgian birth certificate – they were born in Syria – the children could not return. Although DNA analysis of their background showed, gave Belgium them have no identification papers. A Brussels court ordered the Belgian State last month to those papers, however, to deliver. The two children had at the latest by January 28, back in Belgium. Otherwise, we would land a fine of 5,000 euros have to pay, per child and per day.

The return of the first two children to end a long political discussion. Already in 2017, the Belgian government decided that children under the age of ten from Syria were allowed to return. But our country did not make efforts to get the children active. A few court decisions take now to change that.

Even more children are able to return

Behind the scenes, the government is still working to get more young children to repatriate. That confirmed minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V) Friday for the start of the council of ministers to the VRT.

It is, in the first instance to the six children of Tatiana Wielandt and Bouchra Aboullal in the camp, Al-Hol in Northern Syria sit. But in the camps are even more Belgian children. For them it would be a solution to be sought.

The government insists that they don’t have officials to Syria, it wants to send. The help of an international humanitarian organization is needed to the children across the border to get. There would be preparations to such cooperation on its feet.

The government continues in its position that only the children are welcome, and not their mothers, because they are in organization IS to have a new client and because there for their return, no support.