“In the past, I had a sea view. Now I look at something on a bunker from the war,’


‘Vroeger had ik hier zeezicht. Nu kijk ik naar iets wat op een bunker uit de oorlog lijkt’

“Who on the seawall lives, want to see the sea. And not something on a bunker.’ Elsie Achtergaele (59) from Ostend is displeased. They look recently in her apartment on a concrete entrance building of a new underground car park.

Elsie Achtergaele lives in a ground floor apartment on the corner of the Albert I-promenade and the Louisastraat. The apartment is of her parents. About 25 years ago, they moved from Merelbeke to the coast. “In the past, I had a sea view,” she says. ‘Now I look at something on a bunker from the war.’

Under the Albert I-promenade, between the Rock Strangers by Arne Quinze and the Kursaal, is currently an underground car park built. There are 240 car parks and 50 hard to find. The residents were given at the end of 2017 for the first time to see plans, during a bewonersvergadering. “On that schedule, there was several places on the dike the staircase indicated. Also for our building. That there is a ventilatiekoker right in front of my window would come up, with the addition of a liftkern, we didn’t know. We feel deceived.”

Since last month, are the works on the access building of the underground car park, quiet, on the orders of the city council. The reason: the verluchtingsroosters were on the side instead of in the roof processed.

‘Initially I thought that our aspirations are finally hearing was to be, the woman further. “But it turned out to be an aesthetic question, about the holes of the ventilation. My sea is gone, there crows no cock to. This apartment is in one fell swoop to at least 100,000 euro worth less and less. For those who are on the zeedijk residence or an apartment, looking for, want to see the sea. And that can be here no more.”


Elsie Achtergaele hopes that there is still a solution out of the bus. She hopes that the structure is made smaller so that they are above it, still can see the sea.

That chance seems small, however. “This project is a decision of the city council from 2008, and is already in a final phase,” says mayor Bart Tommelein (Open VLD), who is annoyed with the case. “The procedures to appeal are already over, there is already a concession granted.’

“The access to a parking can be difficult in the sea build, so it was from day one clear that on the beach would come. In addition, we must take account of accessibility for the disabled, fire safety, and possible storms. But I have understanding for the position of the occupant. We will the constructions, aesthetically as acceptable as possible, try to make it, and the individual suffering as much as possible limit.’