A fifth more asylum seekers in 2018


Een vijfde meer asielzoekers  in 2018

The new facility of sea fisheries department of the Little Castle in the beginning of december 2018)

About the year 2018 were 23.443 persons in our country an asylum application in. That is 19 percent more than the year before. Most of the requests come from people from Syria, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan and Iraq. That says minister of Asylum and Migration, Maggie De Block (Open VLD).

The number of asylum applications started from the summer, a remarkable rise. There were especially more Palestinians. That was the reason for the former state secretary Theo Francken (N-VA) to a quota of fifty applications per day. That was again abolished. The Council of State ruled that the quota was illegal. Anyone seeking asylum want to ask, since the end of december.

Nevertheless, the number of asylum seekers in december fell by 35 percent compared to november. With 1.253 asylum seekers is that the lowest number for a month of December since 2008.

No change of trend

That decline does not change. In december sign up will be less asylum seekers. Moreover, it was asielloket of the Immigration Service between Christmas and new year-round vacation a few days more closed than the year before. The resettlement of hundreds of refugees, it was previously all by Francken stopped.

In 2015, in full vluchtelingencrisis, asked 45,000 people asylum, exceptional much. The number of asylum applications, hovering for years around 20,000 per year.