Presenter Oscars retreats


Presentator Oscars trekt zich terug

The American comedian and actor Kevin Hart has withdrawn as the host of the upcoming Oscars, the awards ceremony of the most important film awards of the year. There is fuss about tweets and homophobic statements from a few years ago.

The 39-year-old Heart declares that he the attention does not want to deduce on a night in which artists are the central focus. Kevin Hart has his excuses already being offered to the lgbt community for the old tweets. “I’m sorry that I’ve hurt. It is my goal to bring people together, not to disperse, ” says Heart on Twitter. He had previously, however, to know that people are not so much interest should attach to old tweets.

The comedian deleted the past few days, several tweets from the hundreds of negative messages about gay people, that he in recent years has sent. His tweets, however, continue to circulate on social media and American news sites. Kevin Hart used ‘gay’ is not only often as a term of abuse, he also said that when his son is gay, he the doll’s house, where he would play on his head is broken would save.

The Oscars will find this year on 24 February. Heart, that the show for the first time would present, called it ‘a chance that you just once in your life’. Nevertheless, he thanked the Academy for the opportunity. ‘Hopefully ever.’