Who ‘ecological’ flies have to pay vat


Wie ‘ecologisch’ vliegt betaalt wel btw

On airline tickets, you pay no vat. But if you have the CO2 emissions of your flight with ecological wants, compensate, pay you on that “green gift” tax.

Air travel are not good for the environment. Who from Brussels to London travel by high-speed train is partly responsible for the emissions of 8 kg of CO2. For a ride with the car is that 45 kg of CO2 and as an air passenger runs the environmental pollution on to 118 kg of CO2. As calculated the Bond beter Leefmilieu.

However, the aviation here is not tax on account. So pay the airlines no excise duty on kerosene and who is an airline ticket purchase, there is no vat on top to pay – unlike those who moved with the train, bus or car; you must have vat or brandstoftaks be paid.

It can be even worse. Vliegtuigreizigers that their good our chairwoman show and to offset their flight for a donation to an environmental project (for example, somewhere in the world, new trees to plant), pay instead of vat. That gift will be the full 21 per cent will be charged.

A separate service

The federal department of Finance indicates that the (voluntary) CO2 compensation is a separate service that does not belong to the sale of tickets by the airline and therefore not eligible for the vat exemption.

If it makes sense: you can make your air travel an ecological offset by a donation to organizations such as greentripper.org or treecological.be.