For the UN supports Belgium migratiepact still


Voor de VN steunt België het migratiepact nog steeds

In september, promised prime minister Charles Michel (MR) at the United Nations that Belgium migratiepact will approve.

The UN assume that Belgium is still the migratiepact supports, says the responsible topdiplomate in an interview with The Standard, the capacity in which Michel also to Marrakech attracts. Meanwhile, enter CD&V and Open VLD, the pressure on N-VA.

“The UN will be the representation of Belgium by the prime minister to accept it. We have nothing to say about the question of whether the parliament or the executive power represents …

“The UN will be the representation of Belgium by the prime minister to accept it. We have nothing to say about the question of whether the parliament or the executive power represents. That is in every country different. Each country decides how it represents on the international scene.’

Louise Arbour (71), the Canadian UN-topdiplomate that the negotiations on the migratiepact led and also the international summit in Marrakesh, oversees, would not want to moeien in the Belgian debate about the capacity in which prime minister Charles Michel (MR) next Monday to Marrakech attracts.

But without a formal tegensignaal going Arbour assume that our country, the pact still supports, ” she says in an interview with The Standard. “Belgium has, after a very transparent and visible procedure, in July clearly behind the pact itself’, it sounds. “The logical continuation of the procedure is the unanimous adoption of the pact by all countries present in Marrakech, in which vertegenwoordigingsvorm.”

In the line of grondwetsspecialisten

This seem to be the UN, the reasoning to follow some eminent jurists who say that Michel cannot otherwise than on behalf of the government to speak. “When the premier speaks in his official capacity as first minister, that can, consequently, not otherwise than on behalf of the government,” wrote professor Koen Lemmens (KU Leuven) this morning on Twitter.

‘In the international relations, this principle is perhaps even more important than in internal matters,’ he continues. “You can from other states should not expect that they are fully incorporated in the internal struggles.’ Also professor of international law Jan Wouters (KU Leuven) said yesterday in Regard to that the prime minister ‘in the name of the government speaks as he is to an international conference.’

Also Beke and Rutten enter the forcing.

That throws a spanner in the works of the delicate agreement that within the majority. Of the N-VA allowed the premier to Marrakech, but only to the position of the parliament to do so – where a majority of the pact supports – and not that of the – divided – government.

But also CD&V chairman Wouter Beke pull that now in doubt. “If a prime minister goes to a conference then, he speaks on behalf of his country,” he said this afternoon to VTM News. A movie of that statement rewarded Open VLD president Gwendolyn Rutten on Twitter with ‘+1’. Both parties believe that the N-VA in september already agree with the text, which has since not changed.

It seems that the coalition partners of the N-VA on which way the party want to fumigate as soon as possible and wants to force color to be seen. In that light, the words of prime minister Michel at the plenary session of the Chamber this afternoon is crucial. Will he repeat that he, on behalf of the parliament to Marrakech attracts, or not?