Embassy of USA in Belgium are looking for technical skills


Ambassade van de VS in België zoekt technische skills

To work for the American embassy in Brussels? As a technician or maintenance worker you will find a challenging work environment and a stable, permanent job. Facilities Manager Keith Railing tells you what you should expect.

“Our technical team consists of 48 full-time employees,” says Keith Railing. “It is divided into the Building Maintenance Team and the Residence Team. In Building to get started in the three ambassadegebouwen in Brussels and the residence of the ambassador. At Residence you stand in for the maintenance of 240 houses and apartments of the embassy officials.”

“We are actively seeking colleagues, because we often have vacancies for electricians or HVAC technicians. Soon we recruit a deputy maintenance supervisor, a team leader, so. A lot of jobs let us in the houses and apartments run by contractors, but to guide them, we also have our own maintenance staff.”


“In the houses and apartments are our own electricians, HVAC and verwarmingstechnici getting started with the weekday woningtechnieken. Very different with the work in the ambassadegebouwen. There you will find great waterkoelinstallaties, automation systems, technical onderhoudsmateriaal and generators with emergency power supply (UPS). The technical skills that you need, are of a higher level.”

“In the ambassadegebouwen you have also good knowledge of English is required. You need the manuals to read and understand. The technicians for the residences have only a basic knowledge of English is necessary to the necessary to be able to communicate with the residents. As a supportive helper, English is not really needed: you will particularly be in contact with contractors.”

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