Tommy Wieringa wins BookSpot literature prize and reader trust award with ” The holy Rita


Tommy Wieringa wint BookSpot Literatuurprijs én Lezersprijs met 'De heilige Rita'

Tommy Wieringa.

Tommy Wieringa wins the BookSpot literature prize for his novel ” The holy Rita. That made the jury Thursday night known during the Dutch tv program ‘RTL late night’. He makes this a double win, because the Dutch author also got the BookSpot reader trust award.

The 51-year-old Dutch writer goes with the price of the jury as that of the reader at the get. At the price, which was previously ECI literature prize and the AKO literature prize was called, hear a cash prize of 50,000 euros.

Peter Verhelst (For the forgotten), the only Flemish person on the shortlist, took out the not. The other novels on the shortlist of the jury were You are from me (Peter Middendorp), Notes for the relocation of obelisks (Arjen van Veelen) in Spite of the force of gravity (Suzanna Jansen), and In all the cities (Aukelien Weverling).

‘A Wieringa in doing that which is good, that is always a prijzenkandidaat.’ This description, in De Standaard der Letteren last week proves prophetic because the succesauteur, known from among others, Joe Speedboat , and These are the names (awarded with the Libris Literature Prize and the Price of the Lezersjury of the Golden Owl), last Thursday, so the BookSpot prize for literature, and the reader trust award winner.

Not only the jury, chaired by Jos Geysels, chairperson of the Flemish Fund for Literature, but also fifty selected readers in Flanders and the Netherlands opted for Wieringa’s book. That is about a son caring for his father with whom he is living.

Story of an underdog

In The holy Rita performs Wieringa the underdog Paul Krüzen. He lives in Mariënveen the German border, is a typical frontier: a no man’s land ” where smugglers have free play, and where the laws of holland, with delay and reduced power trickle down.

There are only two kinds of people in Paul’s environment: those who are longing for the outside world and leave, and the laggards. Pauls mother left when he was a child, in the company of a Russian, who with his sproeivliegtuigje the Soviet Union had fled, and in the cornfield across from their house was crashed a single time the gloire for the village.

From that moment his father and son to each other are condemned. Paul runs a successful on-line trading in militaria and goes once a year holiday to an exotic place, together with his companion Hedwiges – his only friend, because no one else is available.

Sex and the warmth that he since childhood to miss, he is looking for in the arms of a prostitute who Rita is called, mother and whore at the same time, and named for the patron saint of the hopeless cases. When after all these years, again a Rus makes its appearance, as a bodyguard of the dorpscrimineel, Paul old revenge wake up.

Even you think that this is a Dutch western is and that the threat posed by the entire book teems will take, but b y late Paul doesn’t change in a wraakmachine, he provides on the contrary for a lonely, sad slot. Wieringa tells this story about eccentric, but oh-so-ordinary souls in the smooth sentences, in which he holds a patent, and grabs you from the outset with the collar.