The Standard gets new ombudsvrouw


De Standaard krijgt nieuwe ombudsvrouw

Journalist Karin De Ruyter is the new ombudsvrouw of The Standard. Chef abroad is replaced by the journalist Koen Vidal, currently that feature holds in The Morning.

With De Ruyter gets The Default again a real ombudsvrouw, that the weekly column will write for the newspaper. They will be the journalistic work of the newspaper ‘en plein public’ under the microscope, says editor-in-chief Karel Verhoeven. ‘We find it important to be on the critical debate about journalism that we bring, and the reader a point of contact for comments and concerns about the newspaper and the site.’

De Ruyter lost the Dutch journalist Joris Luyendijk. In his monthly column, ‘Pottenkijker’ subjecting The Standard over the past year to a critical reading. Before that it was Tom Naegels five years, the ombudsman of The Standard, with like De Ruyter soon a weekly column.

The first column of Karin De Ruyter will be in January appear. “They will work under the same statute as Tom, i.e. completely independent of the editors-in-chief’, emphasises Verhoeven yet.

Koen Vidal emphasized to the press agency Belga that his departure in The Morning ‘in good terms’ happens.

Thursday also became known that the chief of politics in The Morning, Jonas Muylaert, the newspaper leave to deputy editor-in-chief to VTM News.