Man buries mother in the garden to her retirement to continue to attract


Man begraaft moeder in tuin om haar pensioen te blijven trekken

A resident of Montbliart, in the province of Hainaut, his mother after her death in 2010 discreet in his garden, buried to her pension to continue receiving, the newspaper group Sudpresse Thursday reported.

The man is now dead, but his wife is arrested. The arbeidsauditoraat, which is competent for social security fraud, is the matter engaged.

After the death of Jean-Pierre D. did the notary that the house of the man had to sell, research into the family. The mother of D. this was according to the overlijdensattest in 2010, died of natural causes, but the municipal administration was nothing to be found about where she was buried. Also was in the period of the death, no funeral director in the region contacted.

The local police opened an investigation and interrogated the widow of Jean-Pierre D. She confessed quickly that her husband’s body in the garden had been buried, without the death to the pension Service to report. D. and his wife kept the pension money received over a period of eight years.

The wife was by an examining magistrate questioned. That had already seized its assets to ensure payment of the pension Service. A first examination of the remains of the mother be not a suspicious death.