Employees inadvertently stoned by it of year-old colleague


Werknemers ongewild stoned door spacecake van jarige collega

The emergency services are Thursday afternoon called to a motorgarage in Sint-Niklaas for six stoned employees. Who had unsuspectingly of it is eaten by one of them was taken for his birthday.

With two ambulances and the MOSQUITO was there shortly before 16 hours rooted to the motorgarage Ludwig Motors on the Ghent Track. Some employees had the emergency services are called because they feel unwell seek medical advice felt. Six men working in the garage employed had eaten of a cake that one of them was brought to treat for his birthday.

What the workers knew, with the exception of the man that the cake baked had, was that it was not just pastries. The cake turned out by the year the home was made with cannabisboter. The result was that the employees of the dessert, it had eaten stoned and nausea and headache were. The man who was the cake baked and his colleagues presented had, would I admit that he has drugs in the cake had to be processed. When the emergency services on the spot were he took the legs.

Eventually there was no one taken to the hospital. The employees stayed in the garage when the drugs worked. The workers consider to file a complaint with the police against their colleagues who are them the it is let eat.