Cheering for the competitors: Bpost cease


Gejuich bij de concurrenten: Bpost staakt

Multimediawinkel Coolblue decided Wednesday to include delivery temporarily over to PostNL.

More and more large companies are switching due to the strike at Bpost on to another pakjeskoerier. Also a lot of small businesses and webshops to be affected by the actions. Switching means for them, however, extra costs, and thus try some of them, the customer literally halfway to meet, or set them to their room open.

The five-day strike that Wednesday started at Bpost, comes hard on companies who make their products through pakjesbedeling to the customer. Online multimediawinkel Coolblue decided Wednesday …

The five-day strike that Wednesday started at Bpost, comes hard on companies who make their products through pakjesbedeling to the customer. Online multimediawinkel Coolblue decided Wednesday to temporarily change to PostNL, temporarily also the Belgian dispensation provides for Schoenen Torfs. Elektroketen Krëfel decided to temporarily switch over to courier company DPD. Also a lot of smaller businesses, who more and more with websites, look for alternatives.

Week long birth

“We decided for the strike to temporarily switch to DPD’, says Liesbeth Janssens of doopsuikerwinkel Suikerdraakje in Berlaar. ‘A week long not sugared almonds, and birth announcements to send, for us, it was not an option. Because a bedrijfscontract with the courier service not on one-two-three in regulation, had to Suikerdraakje the verzendingsservice use for individuals and businesses that may be only a few send. “The rates of that service are, however, not be adapted to higher verzendvolumes, which we will temporarily pay too much. Meanwhile, we pay for Bpost.’

Gejuich bij de concurrenten: Bpost staakt

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Janssens has understanding for the strikers, but find it a pity that the work for such a long period of time is set down. They don’t know or Suikerdraakje after the strike the customer remains at Bpost. “That will mostly depend on the quotation of the DPD and of the satisfaction of the customers about their deliveries this week.’

‘Also we are currently working with DPD to ensure on-time delivery to our customers, ” explains Wim Fonteyn of Honeysu, that Korean beauty products sells from Brussels. The company feels the impact of postal strikes even after that. “We see that of the packages just before or during the strike were sent, there is much more to be lost. The delays are a drag, besides, is often longer than a week.” Also Honeysu view or the Bpost permanently turns its back. “That is a possibility, particularly if these strikes continue to occur and we have no stable services more.”

Commemoration of deceased child

The higher cost scare Ellen Gossé of Studio Hexagon, a shop for toys and baby accessories. Also they are considering temporarily moving to a different courier. ‘I sale handmade items and take 7 to 10 business days for an order. Usually, I used to be ready, so I have a buffer I have. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult. I work often for births and by next week an order delivery for a commemoration of a deceased child. It is difficult that people can’t tell when their order arrives.’

Gejuich bij de concurrenten: Bpost staakt

That is of undertakers that the rouwcorrespondentie care. Uitvaartverzorging Bosmans, with offices in Lier and in Berlaar, self posts. “I have Wednesday the 110 letters carried”, said managing director Mario De Meutter, in The Latest News. “I’m there for three hours. I do have a gps in my car, but it was often searching for the correct house number. Certainly, in the dark, that is not self-evident.’ If necessary, De Meutter, in the following days on the move.

Personal contact

“We need to be inventive’, also recognises the Antwerp jewelry designer Karin Nuñez De Fleurquin. They choose with the strike for a ‘personal approach’ and try to ordered jewelry as much as possible myself, with the bike or the car, to its customers. “I try this is always to mid-to speak, to make it feasible to keep. I can move me this happy, but my customers also. They are very understanding.’

“This situation is not a long time to maintain,” says Nuñez De Fleurquin still. Nevertheless, she sees a positive aspect to it. “I now have much more personal contact with my customers.’

At the bottom of the pile

Finally, there are also companies who choose to strike the strike. “We do no deliveries, leave illustrator Eva Mouton know. They site on the site of its shop drawing to the customers to warn. “If we now try to send, those packets somewhere in a sorting centre, where they at the bottom of the pile disappear. That I don’t trust. If the strike really fifteen days would last, we are perhaps about to PostNL.’

Gejuich bij de concurrenten: Bpost staakt

Photo: eva mouton

“We are a small web shop with very personal communication, and our customers know that Bert (her friend, red.) and I do everything ourselves, ” says Mouton. “Everyone is welcome to take orders to pick-up. We work from home and our doors are always open.’

“If the staff of Bpost find it necessary to strike in order to improve the service and that people feel better would feel on their work, I understand that’, concludes Mouton. “I will be what anoying if people about neuten. Strikers strike is not just.’