Also, those who self-propelled Tesla to drive, may mobile phone is not holding


Ook wie met zelfrijdende Tesla rijdt, mag gsm niet vasthouden

Who in the Netherlands in a Tesla on the automatic zelfbesturing drive, as well as other motorists – no mobile phone holding while driving. That ruled a Dutch judge.

The subdistrict court in Utrecht ruled that recently in a case in appeal, whose judgment has not been published yet. That turned out Thursday for a hearing in a similar case, that the Amsterdammer Vincent Everts had brought.

Both Tesla drivers find that their mobile phone may be hold during the drive with the Autopilot, because they then have their hands free. In the Dutch law now stands that the person using the vehicle, no mobile phone should hold. The two argued that not they themselves but the Autopilot in the Tesla the actual driver of the car is.

But the Dutch court swept that off the table, because the Autopilot always someone remains necessary, who determines where the car goes, that in an emergency intervenes, and is responsible for what the car is doing. The question must therefore still be regarded as a director, report the verdict. The Public Prosecutor argued Thursday also that there was “no doubt” about the director: the person who has the power over the vehicle.


Trendwatcher Everts was last year, two fines on the A2. He showed the judge a video on the Autopilot and only some monitors, occasionally the wheel is touched and the direction indicator controls to the car to give that which leads to right or left.

His counsel Axel Mille argued that Everts or be responsible as a director, but that the legal position of the Tesla-rider must be the same as that of a driving instructor. That is allowed during the ride with a student or a phone to use, while the instructor is at the same time, also to have oversight.

The ruling follows on november 22.