Working for charity interest for job


Werken voor goede doel wekt interesse op voor job

Manon walked a day in Peas.

With about 15,000 they were: the pupils last Thursday the school have exchanged for a real job. In the framework of the Youca Action Day they earned a wage that is paid to a few charities in Belgium and abroad. Through this experience young people get at once in touch with the labour market. They experienced what it takes to earn money and can also orientate towards a profession that suits them.

At 7,500 companies and organizations in Flanders, there were also a lot Limburg companies and public services that for one day their jobs were run by eager students. There was a Travel Manager to work for ASL Travel, had the mayor of Bree, Genk, an additional assistant, popped up there a kitchen helper at AZ Vesalius and if a student, the public Prosecutor, to assist. At Brasserie ’t Krievelkuut (Herk-de-Stad), Appeltans tree growing (Kortessem) and AC veterinary practice (Hasselt) was also 50 euros is paid for the hours that the Youca-representatives performed.

Conscious choice

Hannah Brush (18) if, together with two fellow students, for one day, head of department of the School of Arts at Hogeschool PXL call. “We have from the director an introduction and guided tour to know what the job exactly entails,” she says.

“We were allowed to watch how the e-mails will be answered and were able to attend the meetings. All very exciting.” That she one day went to run in a school was a conscious choice for Hannah. “I remember in this direction to further study. By my participation in the Youca-day I have a better insight on the goings-on in this environment. Therefore the plan succeeded.”

Social contact

Manon Latet (15), a student of Economics at the Virga Jessecollege in Hasselt, helped Thursday with the sale of cakes and biscuits with Peas, the shop for vegan desserts in Hasselt. “I have learned how the customers need to be helped, how the pos system can be charged, how the orders are listed, and much more,” she says.

“It was really fun. I had for Peas because the product interested me. I wish also like to do something with a lot of social contact. This internship was a great way to know that I am in this direction later in a job search.”

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