We will switch to Saturday for the last time about in winter time?


Schakelen we zaterdag een laatste keer over op wintertijd?


Saturday should the clock be re-resistance, despite the controversy about the abolition of the half-yearly uurwisselingen. To 3.00 hours in the morning, the hours will be reversed and we end up for five months on standard time. But it is possible the last time that we are an hour longer sleep.

The end of the fiddling with the watches comes in sight. From an online survey of the European Commission, which is also about 50,000 Belgians approaches, it was found that the majority of the switch between winter and summer wants to abolish.

The European Commission hopes that on Sunday 31 march 2019 for the last time to the daylight savings time is switched. By april would be each member state to the Commission should be notified or he for permanent daylight saving time choose. Who is the daylight saving time choose, let the clock from then on, unperturbed, who for wintertime would be the end of October 2019 last time the clock hands an hour back.

Belgium has already committed to the same choice to make as the Netherlands and Luxembourg, that there is at least within the Benelux, no time differences would arise.


Our country supports the abolition. The government wants to first make a non-binding survey on the choice between the summer or the winter. It is not yet clear how the survey exactly will look like, but maybe it will happen online. Under the Belgian participants in the European survey, there were more supporters of permanent daylight saving time.

In essence, it is the choice for more daylight (daylight saving time) or more sleep (with the standard). The chronobiologen, that are the scientists that our biorhythms are studying, find the time the best option, because the biological clock is better to set off and there is thus less chance on a sleep deprivation and related diseases.

The summer and winter time will be applied in Belgium since 1977. The main goal was saving energy: one can longer of daylight to enjoy. Opponents point to the disruption of the biorhythm.