Vertenten wraakt magistrate ‘Clean Hands’


    Vertenten wraakt onderzoeksrechter ‘Schone Handen’

    Hans Rieder, the lawyer of referee Bart Vertenten, finds that magistrate George Raskin that the investigation of the voetbalfraude, his work is not objective could be doing more. He explained therefore, just sent a request to challenge down on the court in Tongeren. Learned that The Standard.

    What the arguments are that Rieder used for the challenge is not yet known. But probably he thinks his arguments in the fact that Raskin until the beginning of this year in the licensing committee of the Belgian football association belgian football association has been. That can be interpreted as a form of conflict of interest, especially now that the belgian football association last week to a civil party has been placed in the case and therefore possibly also against Vertenten will return. Vertenten is as a referee, an employee of the Belgian Football association (belgian football association).

    There are now two options. Or does Raskin within 48 hours voluntarily step aside and he is replaced by a different magistrate. Either he fights the challenge. In that case the court of appeal in Antwerp is on the case of bending, all parties hear and then make a decision. That procedure can be easy 2 months to complete. Meanwhile, runs the research is inevitably a delay. The magistrate may, in the meantime, however, also be replaced by a colleague, but will the file need to practise.

    A spokesman at office of the public prosecutor lets you know to have knowledge of the case through the press.