Trump earned millions to the Saudi’s


Trump verdiende miljoenen aan de Saudi’s

The Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud awarded Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump may be no direct business interests in Saudi Arabia, he has many years still lots of money to the Saudi’s.

Can Donald Trump is still with decency avoid penalties promulgated against Saudi Arabia, after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? The saudis already have three different versions comes about what happened …

Can Donald Trump is still with decency avoid penalties promulgated against Saudi Arabia, after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? The saudis already have three different versions comes about what happened – from ‘nothing’ via ‘accidentally killed during a brawl’ to ‘killed in a non-approved (‘rogue’) operations, a serious error”. And still sounds the explanation is implausible in the ears of the rest of the world.

Trump had promised that he sanctions it would impose if it turned out that the regime itself was involved with Khashoggi’s disappearance and death. But it wanted the American president is clearly not over one night ice. He wants to say that the ‘long alliance’ with the kingdom, not on the game. Therefore he is probably the first hard evidence that the Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman himself is behind the murder plot against Khashoggi was.

Arms deliveries

Trump verdiende miljoenen aan de Saudi’s

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Trump also wants the U.s. economy to not let the victim be a penalty for Saudi Arabia. After his first foreign trip as president to Saudi Arabia – he boasted about the 110 billion worth of contracts for arms supplies that he brought it (even though most of them negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama). ‘Hundreds of billions of investment in the United States, and jobs, jobs, jobs’, was the when. An embargo on arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia would be a lot of those “jobs, jobs, jobs” now at risk.

Oliekraan close?

Moreover, Saudi Arabia still has a leading role on the international oil market. That will only increase when the U.s. sanctions against the common enemy, Iran, to their full effect and the Iranian oil from the market disappears. The Saudi minister of Energy, Khaled al-Faleh, said yesterday, although that ‘Saudi Arabia is a responsible country that are oliebeleid considered as an economic instrument that is separate from the politics. But will that ‘responsibility’ also withstand any sanctions imposed by the united states, or the oliekraan still close?

In short: the elements enough to the U.s. president two times to think before he sanctions against Saudi Arabia is addressed.


There are also considerations of a personal nature. Trump said last week that he personally has no financial interests in Saudi Arabia. That’s right: he has no hotels or casinos. But he has a lot of business relationships with Saudi Arabia. Who were the past week, widely covered in the American press.

The zakenimperium that led by Trumps children, probably tens of millions earned to the House of Saud. In 2015, said Trump himself during a verkiezingsmeeting about the saudis: “I can get along well with them all. They buy apartments from me. They give forty, fifty million dollars. I am supposed to hate them? I have they are very happy.’

Trump verdiende miljoenen aan de Saudi’s

Trump and the Saudi princes: good friends.

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Trumps yacht

The business relationships of Donald Trump with Saudi Arabia to go very far back in time. In the early nineties, when he was financially in very tight shoes, was sold to Trump his giant yacht for 20 million dollars to the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal. A few years later, in 1995, bought the same prince an interest in it in financial difficulty, Plaza Hotel in New York.

In 2001, the Saudi government, for 4.5 million dollars, an entire floor in the Trump World Tower in New York. That became known only in 2016. Also the hotels of the current president, earned a good to the visits of the Saudi’s.

Tip of the iceberg

Recently paid the Saudi government in Washington, an invoice of 270,000 dollars. According to The Washington Post were this rooms paid for lobbyists, which law tried to stop making victims of 9/11, the Saudi government could prosecute. And a stay of the Saudi crown prince and his entourage in the Trump International Hotel in New York at the beginning of this year, when Trump so for a year was president – drove the sales of that hotel in the first quarter with 13 percent.

And that is probably just the tip of the iceberg. The Trump Organization is not a publicly traded company, and the president refuses to accept his tax returns. Therefore, there is very little known about the money that Trumps empire handles.