Transgenders protest against controversial proposal #WontBeErased


Transgenders protesteren tegen omstreden voorstel met #WontBeErased

Activists are protesting in Washington Square Park

Transgenderbewegingen call to protest against the new proposal of the American government to the definition of gender tightly to lines. In the proposal, the gender with which you were born will not change.

Sunday night they gathered a few hundred people in Washington Square Park in New York to protest against the proposal. Thousands of others are posting photos on social media with the caption #WontBeErased. That caption should make clear that transgender people do not want to be ‘erased’ from the administration and that they want to choose whether they like a man or woman go through life.

The American government wants to gender in the future, tighter definition than is currently the case. Under Barack Obama’s administration was gender more recognised on the basis of a person’s choice, rather than biologically determined at birth.

In the new proposal is ‘the status as male or female based on immutable biological characteristics at or before birth’. The stricter definition comes from a planned adaptation of a law that genderdiscriminatie need to counteract with educational programs that aid get. According to the newspaper the New York Times, that a ontwerpnota could refer to it, would with the new provision, the recognition will be wiped out of the estimated 1.4 million Americans who – even after surgery – sex-change.