Theresa May: ‘95 percent of the Brexit is around’


Theresa May: ‘95 procent van de Brexit is rond’

The British prime minister Theresa May has Monday in parliament said it is willing, every possible option to examine the impasse surrounding the Brexit to break. The representatives of the people got to hear her say that ” 95 percent of the Brexit is round’. However, she admitted that the issue around the Irish border, a major point of contention remains.

The United Kingdom will depart on 29 march from the European Union, but an agreement on that departure is still not there. For that reason, there was previously agreed upon a transition period, which lasts until 31 december 2020. Though it appears now that the date is not set in stone.

“I am willing the transitional period to extend until after 2020, though that option is not my preference,” said May. ‘Moreover, that period may last until after 2021.’

During this extended transitional period would be the United Kingdom and Ireland further appointments to the issue around the border to Northern Ireland to do the job. ‘Over the last few weeks we reached, however, all agreements on the future status of Gibraltar, and of our airbases on Cyprus. With that in mind, we can say that 95 percent of the Brexit now.’

Terminally incompetent

The statements of May could on low gain approval from the opposition. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called the conservative party in May’s ‘terminally incompetent and paralyzed by internal squabbles.’

But also some Brexiteers within the conservative party, supporters of Brexit, feel little for an extension of the transitional period. They fear that a ‘real’ Brexit will only delay, and will lead to additional payments of the United Kingdom in Brussels.