Strikes or not, Ryanair remains a winstmachine


Stakingen of niet, Ryanair blijft een winstmachine

The end of the Ryanairmodel seems, despite a slight drop in profit, still nowhere in sight.

Ryanair has ‘only’ 1.2 billion euro profit made in the past six months. Transporteconoom Eddy Van de Voorde is more fascinated by the question of why the Irish budgetvlieger in spite of everything such a winstmachine. It is the sequence count in the cockpit to airports to drop which is too expensive.

Talking about timing. The Irish airline Ryanair was today twice in the news. First with ‘bad’ news. For the first time in five years there was less profit made. Even though …

Talking about timing. The Irish airline Ryanair was today twice in the news. First with ‘bad’ news. For the first time in five years there was less profit made. Even though it was still about 1.2 billion euros. The winstterugval with 7 percent is due to the social unrest, cancellation of flights, and rising fuel prices.

But the chance is very great that to the public at large before the blitsactie is striking that Ryanair a few hours later launched. The picked off with an offer of a million tickets at $ 9.99 per flight. Who is so cheap to fly, have to be quick. The offer only remains valid for 24 hours.

It is the perfect illustration of what transporteconoom Eddy Van de Voorde of the University of Antwerp describes as one of the strongholds of Ryanair. ‘A fantastic pricing. Combined with a far-reaching control of expenditure’.

Higher occupancy in the winter

Stakingen of niet, Ryanair blijft een winstmachine

The average occupancy rate at Ryanairvluchten was this summer, 96 percent.

Photo: reuters

Ryanair is the airline which the image cherish of provider of cheap tickets. What, according to Van de Voorde and in no way implies that the ticketinkomsten of the Irish airline also low. ‘On the contrary: you look at the average price per kilometre that Ryanair charges, differs not much from those in other airlines’.

If you succeed in all of your planes as full as possible and flying around, then you are doing it properly, sets Of the Advantages. The Irish budgetvlieger is known because of the high passagiersbezetting of his devices. The past summer season was no different, with an average occupancy rate of 96 percent. The number of passengers has risen over the past summer, with 4.5 million to 76.6 million.

The blitsaanbod of cheap tickets must ensure that during the winter period, passenger numbers remain buoyant. Because this is where the problem lies. The strike action at Ryanair during the past few months, putting pressure on ticket prices.

At the same time biting the ceo of Ryanair Michael O’leary and his management team every euro in two before that. That goes particularly far, suggests Eddy Van de Voorde. ‘Each lamp or screen in the cockpit be under the microscope laid. To find out whether it is really necessary to fly.’

In the social conflict with the pilots was one of the most notable requirements that they no longer wanted to pay for a water or coffee when on the flight controls were of a Ryanair aircraft.

Wish as father to the thought

But ceo O’leary is scared and does not return to within the shortest of times and airports to turn their back to save costs. At the beginning of October decided Ryanair are based at the airport of Eindhoven to close. Because the number of passengers is declining, the argument was. In the trade unions was seen as a reprisal because the airport, a trade union verzetshaard.

Also for the purchase of the fuel takes Ryanair, according to Van de Voorde and smart.” They are renowned because they are very well able to hedge against the price of the kerosineprijs. In the past six months is that, apparently, something less successful.

Conclusion of Van de Voorde: the end of the model of Ryanair is already a couple of times predicted. But those who are such a prediction dares takes his wishes for reality.