Ronaldo reacts now also publicly on verkrachtingszaak and looks forward to “emotional” duel with Man United


Ronaldo reageert nu ook publiekelijk op verkrachtingszaak en blikt vooruit op “emotioneel” duel met Man United

Juventus lost the past weekend for the first points in the Serie A, but is Tuesday for a crucial battle in the Champions League against Manchester United. This is the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford is central.

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The Portuguese case together with coach Max Allegri trotted out for the press conference in Manchester. He was, of course, questions about the contest, but also about the verkrachtingszaak that against him. Ronaldo insured “an example” to be on and next to the football field, despite the research that the police of Las Vegas performs after allegations of rape from 2009 against the Portuguese attacker of Juventus. He contends that his lawyers all have confidence in a good outcome of that case.

“I know I’m a role model have, on and off the field”, replied Ronaldo. “I always have a smile, I’m a happy man, I am blessed to be in a fantastic team to play, I have a great family, I have four children. I am in good health. I have everything I need. The rest does not bother me.”

“In this situation, I’m not going to lie. My lawyers have all the confidence and I also, of course. The most important thing is that I of football love. I love my life”, said CR7. He also said that the truth will be revealed will come. The police of the American city of Las Vegas reopened the investigation into the allegations of the American Kathryn Mayorga. She accuses Ronaldo of rape in June 2009. The Portuguese star denies the allegations.

Ronaldo reageert nu ook publiekelijk op verkrachtingszaak en blikt vooruit op “emotioneel” duel met Man United

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Ronaldo returns to Juventus back to the place where he grew into a world class player. “Returning to Old Trafford, that is special to me. When the draw was known, I thought immediately of my time in Manchester. The prices that I won with Sir Alex Ferguson, a man who was very important in my life. It is emotionally.”

“It will be a tough game, because United is the home team”, went to the Portuguese. “We know that they are a good team. But we have our weapon, we are Juventus. We have our chances. Certainly if we execute the plan, that our trainer has for us thought. Even if we have respect for Manchester. They have a great team and a great trainer.”

Ronaldo was also asked about the crisis at Real Madrid. “It is not up to me to speak about other clubs,” said CR7. “Everyone knows my time at Real but now I’m not about them speak. A comparison between Real and Juve? That I do not want to do. The are both great clubs. I got my period when Real had, and I am a new chapter started at Juve. I am glad that I at Manchester have played, for Real, and now at Juventus. I am a happy man. My teammates help me adapt. To the team, the league, the Italian football… It is different, but I enjoy it. This is a fantastic club and it’s going very well.”

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