Polish supreme court calls to pension forced judges on the work to resume


Pools hooggerechtshof roept tot pensioen gedwongen rechters op het werk te hervatten

Malgorzata Gersdorf, president of the Polish supreme court

The president of the Polish supreme court has Monday the 23 judges, who are forced to retire were sent, encouraged the work to resume. The European Court of Justice (cjeu) had last week, the Polish government ordered the reform to undo.

All of the judges who by a controversial wetshervorming of the conservative government were forced to retire early, are called to return to their function, said president Malgorzata Gersdorf. A few have that step already taken, others will follow gradually.

The decision of the cjeu by the European Commission was enabled, it is a yet another page in the saga around the reforms of the Polish judicial system by the conservative nationalist government of the Party for Law and Justice (PiS). The European Commission is of the opinion that the changes made by the PiS, introduced the independence of the judiciary in Poland undermine.

PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who, as the actual leader of Poland since the party came to power, ensured that his party’s European Justice will respect. But he said Friday that the ” a provisional decision, which was taken by a vice-president of the cjeu, to which we appeal will appeal’.

Legacy of communism

Warsaw defends his reform of the Judiciary, which they may deem necessary in the fight against corruption and the legacy of networks from the communist era. The European Commission had the Ecj-EU urged to the application of the controversial legislation to suspend.

The lowering of the retirement age for judges of the Polish supreme court from 70 to 65 years ‘is incompatible with EU law’, says the Commission.