‘Never been as many bilingual aldermen in Brussels’


‘Nooit eerder zoveel tweetalige schepenen in Brussel’

Brussels PS mayor Philippe Close.

Unlike some other socialists in and around Brussels, wants, PS mayor Philippe Close ‘as much as possible, understanding’ why are coalition partners have less board experience. ‘A progressive project for the city will be marching when all partners are satisfied.’

Philippe Close (PS) are going to Brussels the next six years, lead with the droomcoalitie of its chairman: PS, Ecolo and Challenge. It is to say: PS, Ecolo-Green, Change.Brussels (of the former SP.(A-ships Ans Personal) and Challenge. He is asking for. ‘Néén, Elio Di Rupo (PS) has me not dialed. He has not played a role in my decision.’

That Challenge would be part of the coalition in Brussels-city, came Friday as a surprise. With the greens and Change-Brussels had Close already the day after the election a deal. “But with Challenge there, we have a large coalition. Also complement the programs each other very well. Fabian He (Défi) can be an interesting dynamic in the majority. In addition, some balance is good. In a coalition with Ecolo and Green was two-thirds of that weight for us, the PS, and a third for them. But it is not good to be so dominant. I am happy to be challenged. There will never be as many bilinguals in the Brussels college have been sitting.’

Better than 2012

Despite the scandal around samu social, Yvan Mayeur, Closes predecessor, the political head and his PS-partijkaart took, did the PS relatively well in the capital. ‘The result was also for us a surprise, ” says Close. “If the votes of the PS and Change.Brussels draw, we have even more than in 2012. For me it is a proof that we have a good program, trust can be given to the citizen. People are very sensitive to the proximity of schools and hospitals, as it turns out.’

The next days Close even on the radar. The new majority parties take a week of rest in the autumn, and then the new bestuursakkoord on music. The PS’there expected no major problems. Also not around themes that elsewhere are sensitive, such as a hoofddoekenverbod. ‘The neutraliteitsprincipe for loketpersoneel remains in Brussels, and in full standing, Ecolo-Green subscribes to the full, ” says Close. ‘It is hardly the subject of discussion, the ecologisten have very quickly been converted to our idea of laïciteit. So I have every confidence that the next six years, and no problem will form, even more: I have the guarantee that they will not require to wear a headscarf again.’

Close wants to own say ‘as much as possible, understanding’ why are coalition partners have less board experience and therefore wants to take his time for substantive negotiations. “It is normal that there are a lot of questions. I realize that a progressive project for the city, but will be marching when all partners are satisfied. It is my job to to ensure. To the noses in the same direction to get in front of a worn, common program, I have the services assigned to all of the parties full access to the necessary files, so that they the challenges of Brussels, fully understand. But I’m not worried about it, you know.’