McLaren: “Stoffel Vandoorne had more aggressive must be”



Stoffel Vandoorne

According to McLaren boss Zak Brown had the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne may have more character and show more aggressive during his two years with the McLaren F1 team.

No, a good car had Vandoorne never during his two F1 seasons with McLaren. Vandoorne had the misfortune to be in the worst period in the history of the McLaren F1 team for the renstal to drive, that also has team-mate Fernando Alonso already previously admitted.

McLaren boss Bag brown considers Vandoorne despite the fact that the side scrolling is still considered a huge talent, already in doubt, he or Vandoorne his character in the Formula 1 fits. The Formula 1 is a world that is very hard.

“It Was Vandoorne’s something to be docile? No, I would not say it,” said McLaren boss Bag Brown. “He is a very, very cool guy but perhaps he had some more aggressive with us.”

“When Fernando something to not like about the car than he wavers not to raise his voice. Maybe that was for Stoffel slightly more difficult in this environment.”

Brown hopes, however, that Vandoorne in the Formula E, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1, very good will do. Who knows he is a absolute gem, just like in the opstapklassen in the direction of the Formula 1 in which Vandoorne was so successful.

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