Little electric cars on Belgian roads


Weinig elektrische wagens op Belgische wegen

There are almost 9,000 electric cars around in our country. That is a fraction of the total number of cars.

Electric cars are in the elevator, but they remain a marginal phenomenon on the Belgian roads, as appears from the figures of the Belgian statistical agency Statbel.

On August 1, the reason there 9.244 fully electric cars in our country. That is a significant increase (41,1%) compared to the 6.552 electric cars from 2017. But it is the only 0,158 percent of the total number of cars on the road.

The number of hybrids (electricity and petrol) increased by 39 percent. Belgium has now 81.107 hybrids of the type of electricity-petrol and 5.905 to the type of electricity-diesel.

On the total fleet the share of that greener cars are so very small.

Diesel vs petrol

Also the trend of the diesel that field losing to the gasoline cars continues. In a year’s time, there were 7.9 percent of cars with petrol engine, while diesels with 4.4 further decreased.

The diesel cars will continue through the previous years, when diesel fuel, for example, was cheaper than gasoline in the majority: nearly 3.2 million dieselpersonenwagens compared with 2.5 million case of various petrol types. In 2014, the decline in the number of diesel cars with around 260.000 pieces, while the number of gasoline cars increased with 490.000’, says Statbel.

Including buses, trucks, vans, trucks…, there are 7,04 million vehicles. There are still 490.495 motorcycles.