Hoofddoekverbod controversial theme for Green


Hoofddoekverbod heikel thema voor Groen

The deletion of the hoofddoekverbod is a breaking point for Green in Antwerp. That emphasizes leader Of Besien. In Brussels, this is not the case. ‘Our position is the same, the political context does not, ” says Green spokesperson Jonas Dutordoir.

The Brussels Green-leader Bart Dhont explains today in The Standard that the deletion of the hoofddoekverbod no breakpoint is for the party. Thus, it confirms the words of PS mayor Philippe Close. “It is barely the subject of discussion in the negotiations with Ecolo-Green’, according to Close this matter in an interview. ‘The ecologisten have very quickly been converted to our idea of laïciteit.’

The situation in the capital is in stark contrast with the city. Want the greens just down from the hoofddoekverbod, as acknowledged leader Wouter Van Besien again in The Morning. He would not comment on the decision of his Brussels colleagues, but as a Green in the Antwerp management step, the abolition of the hoofddoekverbod in the bestuursakkoord. “That is a breaking point’, says Van Besien.

Meanwhile, the Brussels greens, their communication, what was adjusted, in order not to create the impression that the Brussels and Antwerp department, will be opposite to each other in such a delicate case. Bart Dhont let you know that ‘Ecolo-Green in the municipalities of Brussels in principle opposed to a hoofddoekverbod for the loketpersoneel.’ Green stressed, however, that the ‘only state’. ‘Since we today do not have a partner in order to achieve that, we will continue to work on a broader support to the prohibition to defeat’, according to the future Green ships.

What says national president Meyrem Almaci? The leadership of the party has no single directive, as it turns out. “The local departments negotiate the bestuursakkoord. We say in Antwerp and Brussels the same, but the political context is different’, said spokesman Jonas Dutordoir. ‘Green is there with other partners at the table. The departments leave from their program, but look at what they can achieve. Each department decides independently.’

Green was still no enquiries from other local authorities how heavy the hoofddoekverbod exactly weighs.