Guy Van Sande still needs to court in case regarding child pornography


Guy Van Sande moet toch voor rechter verschijnen in zaak rond kinderporno

Guy Van Sande (right) was not present at the hearing, but signed two weeks ago, however, present at his request to probatieopschorting.

Guy Van Sande (55) must feel shortly before the criminal court, to justify, on suspicion of possession, manufacturing and distribution of child pornography. That the court in Veurne this morning decided.

The cases actor asked two weeks ago to probatieopschorting, in the hope of a public process (in which all the details from the extensive research to the top would come to avoid, but that the court, therefore, rejected. Of Sande was this morning is not present at the hearing. Also in the same case in time to come professor of the University of Antwerp must be for the court to justify that.

Of Sande was established in 2016 by detectives caught in a chat room where pedophiles child pornography exchange. During interrogations minimized it the actor his share, but the Veurnse court sees him as a key player, because officers with him hundreds of photo and video files with child pornography discovered that he also sometimes gave it to others. At home in his bathroom would explicit photos are taken of a nude minor girl.

Of Sande is risking many years of imprisonment.