Gaia wants dieronvriendelijke cages banned


Gaia wil dieronvriendelijke kooien verbannen

‘Rabbits can hardly move, and even stand upright in their own cage, ” says Michel Vandenbosch, president of Gaia

The animal rights organisation collects, together with other European associations, 1 million signatures to the dieronvriendelijke kooihuisvesting to complain. ‘Animals in cages lead to no dierwaardig existence.’

Gaia performs action today in the centre of Brussels. The animal rights organisation complains that still more than 300 million animals in cages should stay. Especially chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, rabbits, and quail are imprisoned, and that harms the well-being of the animals. Together with 130 other European associations collect Gaia more than 1 million signatures. The international citizens ‘initiative operates under the motto” Stop the cages!’.

‘Animals in cages lead to no dierwaardig existence’, is to be read in the report that Gaia releases as a result of the action. The limited space in the cages – sometimes less than a A4 paper –prevents the physical activity of the animals and increases the chance of diseases. ‘Rabbits can hardly move and can’t even stand upright in their own cage. Moreover, there is no knaagmateriaal with, ” says Michel Vandenbosch, president of Gaia. In addition, the metal fence ulcers cause on the legs and soles of the feet of the rabbits.

Cages in half and saw

By today fifty cages symbolically in half and cutting on the mont des arts in Brussels, wants Gaia the population encourage them to fight against the farms that their animals require cages to stay. “It is a problem that always comes back and we should be absolutely off,” says Vandenbosch. “Belgium is a forerunner as regards the animals who are forced to be in cages to live in. Many countries envy the us and Europe does Belgium often as a good example.”

But that is not to say that our country is not a tooth should bijsteken: ‘In Belgium there is since 2012 a ban on cages for vleeskonijnen. In Wallonia, there may be no kooihuisvesting for laying hens, more relax and have all the cages at the latest in 2028 banned. But this applies to Belgium is still not a paradise on earth for the animals. There is still work to be done, ” says Vandenbosch.

With the 1 million signatures from at least seven different European countries wants Gaia the European Commission to commit to their action seriously. They demand clear rules and want the dieronvriendelijke cages in the animal husbandry eventually prohibit.