Fouad Belkacem loses Belgian nationality: “We are going to expulsion contest’


Fouad Belkacem verliest Belgische nationaliteit: 'We gaan uitwijzing aanvechten'

Fouad Belkacem

The court of appeal in Antwerp has on Tuesday decided to have the Belgian nationality, to Fouad Belkacem, the former head of Sharia4Belgium. Belkacems lawyer feared that now it will try to Belkacem to send back to Morocco.

According to the Antwerp public prosecutor-general’s lap, the former leader of the terrorist group Sharia4Belgium, which is in January 2015, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and 30,000 euros fine, is seriously deficient in his obligations as a Belgian citizen, and he forms a permanent threat to public safety. “Mr. Belkacem is only interested in our rights as he which in his hand, namely for radical ideas to spread,” had the public ministry during the pleadings made.

Liliane Verjauw, a lawyer of Belkacem, recognised those shortcomings but it was not that he any longer a threat. “He has a lot of regrets, and would never have thought that the whole Sharia4Belgium-story this would turn out,” she said. “The only thing he now wants, is for his family, work and ordinary lives’, argued the lawyer.

The court of appeal decided now to Belkacem the Belgian nationality. He now has the Moroccan nationality, and according to master Verjauw, it is intended to Belkacem to Morocco send back to us. State secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken pointed out earlier that since 2016 agreement exists with that country.

“For his family, that would be a disaster and for him is an even bigger’, says master Verjauw. ‘In such countries are the democratic values sometimes. I’m going to a deportation than also contest with everything in my power.’

Francken: “This should be done automatically’

‘Excellent that a terroristenleider lose his nationality, but that would just be done automatically on a conviction for terrorism”, responded Francken Tuesday morning itself on Twitter, referring to a bill thereon from partijgenoot Koen Metsu.’