Flanders is looking for nurses in Spain and Turkey


Vlaanderen zoekt verpleegkundigen in Spanje en Turkije

To meet the rising demand for care and social workers to catch, watching Flanders on the frontiers.

The flemish minister of well-being and public Health, Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V) wants the VDAB enable to find candidates in countries where a lead is. It is considered to Luxembourg, France, Spain, and Turkey.

The quest is one of the priority actions, a new action plan. The VDAB needs proofing tools to develop and for a smooth recognition of qualifications concerns.

The Union of Nurses and the christian union LBC-NVK consider the search for foreign workers as a stopgap. ‘For this to succeed, it will need a lot of money, what it sounds like. Trade union LBC-NVK poses questions on the feasibility of the action plan. “We understand the need, but as a total immersion and it is resolved? So easy is not that’, it sounds.


The AUVB and LBC-NVK see other, more efficient runs. One of them is the young hot make for a zorgopleiding. Concretely, they want to, for example, 14-year-olds from all onderwijsrichtingen introduce a zorgjob. That should in the longer term, ensure that enough young people choose for a zorgopleiding.

The next ten years, the healthcare sector every year, looking to 46,000 new health care providers to staff that retire to catch.