Erdogan: ‘Murder on Khashoggi was planned’


Erdogan: 'Moord op Khashoggi was gepland'

For the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, there is no doubt: the murder on the Saudi journalist Khashoggi in the consulate of Istanbul was a carefully planned political murder.

That Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi consulate in Istanbul would have died in an unexpected ‘fist fight’, such as Riyadh says, is international large-skepticism received. The Turkish president Erdogan had ‘the naked truth’ promised for his presentation in the parliament. Did he explain what the research so far has yielded.

The president said that two Saudi teams in the murder were involved. When it became clear that Khashoggi had an appointment at the consulate for his marriage plans, the Saudi agents in action. In advance that the hard drive of the camera system in the consulate removed, says Erdogan. A day before the murder, three saudis, according to him, also a forest in the region explored. And he confirmed that a lookalike of Khashoggi, was used.


That Saudi Arabia, after his denial, meanwhile, has to admit that the journalist was killed in the consulate, Erdogan is an important step. In a telephone conversation said the Saudi king to Erdogan that eighteen people were arrested in connection with the murder. ‘Those names correspond with the names that our security services have become obsolete,” said Erdogan.

But there still remain many questions unanswered, said the Turkish president. ‘Who gave the order for the murder? Why was the consulate not immediately accessible to the officers? That lasted for days. Why were the statements so incoherent? Where is the body? The Saudi authorities say the body of a Turkish staff member is given. Who was that? You should include identity release.’


Erdogan spoke of a barbaric political murder and that those responsible – on all levels – should be prosecuted. Because the murder in Istanbul took place, the Turkish president, that the process takes place. However, he wants the results of the investigation to wait for “no man falsely to accuse’.

It is remarkable that Erdogan is nothing said about crown prince Mohamed bin Salman, who may be behind the murder plot was. To the sincerity of king Salman, he wavers not. Nevertheless, demands Erdogan an independent investigation. Also about possible audio – and video-recordings of the torture said Erdogan nothing.


The international community requires clarity. Whether there are sanctions against the Saudi kingdom is to wait and see. Tentative hides everyone behind the call for first research to complete. Also the American president Donald Trump blows hot and cold.