Bike to school? Prohibited by law


Bakfiets aan school? Bij wet verboden

Anyone with a cargo bike in an ‘official ‘ schoolstraat’ cycle, there is the risk according to the letter of the law a penalty. “In the new regulations around schoolstraten they forget to also cargo bikes to allow, discovered the Cyclists.

An official schoolstraat is deposited during the peak hours, so that pedestrians and cyclists safely to the school to get to. Car traffic is not allowed, so is still in the Royal Decree (RD) that recently in the Room was approved.

‘Unfortunately, at the writing of the texts as well overlooked, discovered the Cyclists. “In the KB will only pedestrians and cyclists access to such schoolstraat, while three-wheel cargo bikes officially until the cycles are counted. Or in other words: cargo bikes are not allowed in schoolstraten.’

What in case of an accident?

The Park expects that the initiators of the schoolstraten-KB ‘a very good thing’, this issue quickly straighten. ‘That can be relatively quickly done via a small adjustment’, hopes CD&V member of parliament Jef Van den Bergh, that the bill supported.

In the meantime, call the Park at caution. ‘We can really not imagine that the police are now well go fine. But there will be an accident happen in n schoolstraat: strictly legal, the owners of a cargo bike than a problem, since they’re not actually in such schoolstraat were driving around.’

For all clarity: if you have a bakfiets on two wheels, you need not to worry. That falls under the category of cycling.