Antwerp city council sends Green hiking


Antwerpse gemeenteraad stuurt Groen wandelen

Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) sat on the city council for

The two symbooldossiers that Green had submitted in the Antwerp city council are Monday evening will not be approved. It was not even a formal vote, as soon it was clear that there is no majority. “Cooking is not something you do for the camera. Cooking, that’s what you do in the kitchen’, sneered the mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA).

Green-leader Wouter Van Besien served Monday announced two green symbooldossiers in on the Antwerp city council: one on the introduction of the car-free town centre, on the approach of the queue for social housing. Green did that because it makes it in her own words-wanted to see if The Weaver actually plan is the ‘war with the left,’ to stop and a broadly based coalition of the winners with Green on the leg.

“The coming weeks are crucial about how our city will be shaped, who will be driving, and what the new team with our beautiful city is going to do. That questions life anywhere in the city, ” said Wouter Van Besien, leader of the Green during the gemeenteraadszitting. ‘It has been said that this symbooldossiers. I don’t agree with that. A good roof above head is not a symbol, but a real problem that a solution is. A low centre is also not a symbol.’

Van: “A coalition forms, we will not be in the city council do, there will be many calls for are required. But this is an opportunity to respond to the call of the formateur to reconciliation. We have spent the last six years here are often waged war. Proposals of the opposition are off the table.’

It could not prevent the Antwerp greens loss of members, and also this proposal from the table was swept. N-VA, Open VLD and Vlaams belang voted all against, SP.A and CD&V abstained.

Political game

Outside was Green so the LABOUR party is the only party that the proposals approved. “But also I can’t get rid of the impression that here is a political game is being played,” said party chairman Peter Mertens.

The Weaver responded just as clearly. “Cooking is not something you do for the camera, which is embarrassing. Cooking, that’s what you do in the kitchen. We are in current affairs. This city council does not establish what happens in the next six years, will happen.’

‘Bad toneeltje’

Already before the vote, called partijgenote Liesbeth Homans, the initiative of Green a bad toneeltje. “Such things you should discuss during coalitieonderhandelingen. Why they do this? No idea.’

The Weaver received earlier Monday, a Open VLD delegation at the beginning of his second informatieronde for the formation of a new coalition. Follow Later this week even CD&V, SP.A and Green. Vlaams belang and the LABOUR party are not invited.