The labour inspectorate falls within at ambulance service: weeks of 96 hours


Arbeidsinspectie valt binnen bij ambulancedienst: werkweken van 96 uur

The labour Inspectorate is Friday invaded the headquarters of the Ambuce Rescue Team (ART) in Wijnegem, the largest private ambulance service in the country. The inspection also went along with the plot in Borgerhout, where staff was interviewed about their working hours.

The controleactie was the result of complaints from former employees about the working conditions at the company. Ambulanciers would unreasonably many hours of work have to perform, but would not or hardly be compensated.

‘The ambulanciers who are in regular employment, a contract for 38 hours per week, according to a ambulancier. “But in the employment contract that everyone is expected per week, three shifts of 24 hours to perform. Per month, they have eleven to twelve shifts of 24 hours. A ambulancier comes so easily to 300 hours, but we are only half paid.’ The internal documents of Ambuce suggests that some of the ambulanciers of the pitch Wijnegem and UZZAH 96 hours to one piece on their work. On a monthly basis goes to 400 to 500 hours.