The best shrimp of Brussels, in Sint-Gillis


De beste garnaalkroketten van Brussel vind je in Sint-Gillis

On social media, the winning restaurant advertising with this one shrimp croquette.

Caterer-restaurant ” Fernand Obb Delicacies’ in Sint-Gillis serves the best shrimp of Brussels. That takes the jury of a new garnaalkrokettenwedstrijd of the Brussels tourist office visit.Brussels.

The jury, consisting of ten gastronomiejournalisten under the guidance of master chef Pierre Wynants, made the winners announced in the “Comme Chez Soi”. In the kitchen of this legendary restaurant may 20 in Brussels, the chefs with their creations prepare. On the basis of a table with different criteria – form, cuisson, temperature, amount of shrimp, and so on – fields, the judges opinion.