Spotted: ‘as soon As possible to work on policy for Vilvoorde’


Bonte: 'Zo snel mogelijk werk maken van beleidsplan voor Vilvoorde'

The Vilvoordse mayor Hans Bonte (SP.(A) for “as fast as possible to work on the master plan for Vilvoorde’. That’s what he says in a comment on the approach of Open VLD, Groen and N-VA, which the negotiations in Vilvoorde want to pause because Variegated are kartelpartner Green no schepenmandaat want to offer.

Variegated refers with his comment to the Vilvoordse policy for the coming legislative session, that SP.A, Open VLD and CD&V last night to have signed. “I hope there as soon as possible is made,” he says.

That bestuursakkoord came Monday afternoon on loose screws. The way in which Variegated kartelpartner Green from the board of directors has excluded, is not to the liking of coalition partner, the Open VLD. In a joint press release with Green and N-VA, speaks of the current Open VLD-ships Jo The Ro of a ‘woordbreuk’ Hans Bonte.

“The brutality and the woordbreuk of Hans Bonte: it is not our way of politics. Vilvoorde deserves better”, say Jo Ro (Open VLD), Barbara’s Bakery (Green) and Jan Anciaux (N-VA).


The three batches of welding, therefore, a onderhandelingspauze in to 11 november, Armistice day. “That means that there will be no majority can be achieved, for CD&V and SP.A have only 15 to 35 seats”, sounds.

‘The ambition of Open VLD, Groen and N-VA is not to make the situation more difficult, however, to provide a stable and honest governance on the leg to bring’, is still there in the joint press release.

No schepenmandaat

Monday morning it became known that mayor Motley in Vilvoorde is not only a classic and improving on the leg, but also no schepenmandaat wants to give it to Green, his own kartelpartner. That party was then in the opposition.

Motley said no schepenmandaat for Green because no single elected body of that party in Vilvoorde ‘enough board experience’ would have.