Sixteenth finals of the Darts Players Championship 22 in Barnsley are an end point for the Belgians


Zestiende finales van Darts Players Championship 22 in Barnsley zijn eindstation voor de Belgen

Kim Huybrechts (PDC 18), Ronny Huybrechts (PDC 48) and Davy Van Baelen (PDC 124) are Sunday, not getting further ahead than the sixteenth-finals in the Players Championship 22 darts tournament that took place in the English Barnsley.

Kim Huybrechts put in sequence the Englishman Jamie Lewis (PDC 28) and the German Robert Marijanovic (PDC 95) with 6-5 to the side. In the sixteenth-finals had the Acquisition, however, with 6-4 are several recognise in the Englishman Michael Smith (PDC 8). Ronny Huybrechts (PDC 48) continued in the first round, the Englishman Ryan Joyce (PDC 76) 6-5 on the side. In the second round, the Englishman Dawson Murschell (PDC 111) 6-5 defeated, but in the third round was the Englishman James Wade (PDC 10) 6-4 too strong.

The 29-year-old From Baelen defeated in the first round, the Englishman Ryan Searly (PDC 67) with a convincing 6-1 figures, after which he in the second round, the Dutchman Vincent van der Voort (PDC 36) with the smallest difference are the review gave. For a place in the eighth finals was the Englishman Chris Dobey (PDC 34) 6-4 too strong.

Dimitri Van den Bergh (PDC 37), Saturday was good for a place in the eighth-finals, had in the first round, is out after a 6-3 defeat against the Northern Irishman Daryl Gurney (PDC 5). For the second consecutive day was the victory for the Pole Krzysztof Ratajski (PDC 68), which is now in the final, the Englishman Adrian Lewis (PDC 16) 6-4 defeated.

Results Players Championship 22, Barnsley:

– First round:

Davy Van Baelen (Bel/124)- Ryan Searle (Gbr/67)6-1

Ronny Huybrechts (Bel/48) Ryan Joyce (Eng/76)6-5

Kim Huybrechts (Bel/18)- Jamie Lewis (Eng/29)6-5

Daryl Gurney (NIe/5)- Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37)6-3

– Second round:

Davy Van Baelen (Bel/124)- Vincent van der Voort (Ned/36)6-5

Ronny Huybrechts (Bel/48)- Dawson Murschell (Eng/111)6-3

Kim Huybrechts (Bel/18 – Robert Marijanovic (Dui/95)6-5

– Third round:

Chris Dobey (Eng/34)- Davy Van Baelen (Bel/124)6-4

James Wade (Eng/10)- Ronny Huybrechts (Bel/48)6-4

Michael Smith (Gbr/8)- Kim Huybrechts (Bel/18)6-4

– Final:

Krzysztof Ratajski (Pol/68)- Adrian Lewis (PDC 16)6-4