Saudi Arabia calls death a journalist ‘huge mistake’


Saudi-Arabië noemt dood journalist ‘enorme vergissing’

The murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

After international negative reactions to the statements of Saudi Arabia over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is now the Saudi minister of Foreign Affairs in the field submitted to a kind of mea culpa to save.

Minister Adel al-Jubeir said today in an interview with the American Fox News that the killing of Khashoggi, a ‘huge mistake’ was. ‘Those who have done this, and were thus outside their powers. Here is clearly a huge mistake, and what is even worse is that they tried to cover it up. That is unacceptable for any government.’ Al-Jubeir promised no stone onomgedraaid. “We are determined all the facts to find out and the people responsible for this murder to punish.’

Khashoggi disappeared nearly three weeks ago after the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was entered. Until this weekend, loved Saudi Arabia full of not to know about the fate of the man. Saturday morning came there was a change in. In a communication, the Saudi public prosecutor that ” the discussions between Jamal Khashoggi and those he met in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, ontaardden in a fist fight that led to his death’.

“Nothing can murder the righteous”

This took the pressure however, is not. Many questions were indeed unanswered. The American president Donald Trump, one of the main allies of Saudi Arabia, showed that he is initially happy about the new statements. “This is an important step,” he said. But a short time later he thought there were a whole differently. In an interview with the Washington Post , he said that the statements of the saudis ‘all over the place, they shot out in all directions. He said, moreover, that there is a clear ‘it was clear that there is deception and that there lie’.

Also from Europe took the pressure. The French, German and British ministers of Foreign Affairs said Sunday in a joint statement, the statements of Saudi Arabia urgently ask for clarification’. “There is nothing that this murder can be justify’, says the text. The German Foreign minister Heiko Maas also announced that his government was not delivering arms would allow to the country as long as the survey runs.

Khashoggi went on 2 October, to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to his echtscheidingspapieren to pick up, so that he could remarry with his new fiancee, the Turkish Hatice Cengiz. They waited in vain outside the consulate until his return to the outside would come. After the Saudi statements about the ‘fist fight’ that Khashoggi’s death would have led placed Cengiz Saturday, a video of the journalist on Twitter. In this is to see how he interviewed, when all of a sudden a cat on his lap jumps. Both Khashoggi as the camera crew burst into laughter. “They have your physical presence from my world taken away. But your beautiful smile will forever be in my soul abide, ” she writes.