Police put a knife in premiums


Politie zet mes in premies

The controversial schemes to the police will be phased out. New politierekruten get from next year, less allowances, but more fixed salary.

A motard, a detective or someone to work for the general inspection: numerous police officers are entitled to an additional premium on the basis of the tasks they perform. In total dozens of functietoelagen, which, in some cases up to thousands of euros can deliver and, according to the court of audit and the audit Committee P the risk of abuse and premiejagerij.

But people that from next year, when the police go to work, will some of these three premiums will no longer be able to enjoy. In total disappear nineteen allowances. In exchange see police officers their base salary raised to the level of similar public functions. There signed minister of the Interior Jan Jambon (N-VA), the police and three of the four major trade unions, recently launched an agreement on. Only the socialist ACOD did not agree. To fees for night and weekend work or overtime is not hit.

In her most recent begrotingsbesprekingen, the federal government, 6.5 million euros aside to the new system from July next year, progressive roll-out. The politieleiding and the competent ministers bites for years their teeth on the file. “This is a very tough yard,” says Marc De Mesmaeker, the new commissioner-general of the federal police. ‘This adjustment is revolutionary.’ Eventually the police have to evolve to a wage that consists of three components: the fix, weekend, night, overtime, and meal vouchers.

“The agreement not only means that our policemen should be financially strengthened, but also that we finally do away with the jungle of outdated contributions to modernisation were,” says Jambon. ‘That was urgently needed.’ The measures in the attempt of the federal government to the politiestatuut to modernize. There is also a reform of the pension scheme and the abolition of the possibility for police officers to use their sick days to spare.

Against these two measures, in combination with the increased workload and the increased violence against them – protested politielui the last few weeks massively. Last week reported that hundreds of policemen are ill, what the security of the European summit very difficult. Earlier this month there were plenty of work-to-rule.

The agreement on the premium schemes points out that the social dialogue in the police, not yet dead, says The Mesmaeker. With the unions was a doubt has arisen as to whether the agreements on the grants, however, would continue, in the light of the social unrest of the past few weeks. “I honoreer our appointment integral,” says Jambon. ‘It is not true that this government tornt to the social status of our policemen, on the contrary. I am convinced that we also in terms of the pension plan and the ziektekapitaal will hit.’ That explanation take the trade unions not settle. Perhaps follow in the coming weeks even more actions.