Motley gives kartelpartner no schepenmandaat


Bonte gunt kartelpartner geen schepenmandaat

Hans Bonte (SP.(A)

In Vilvoorde SP.A-mayor Hans Bonte last night a classical tripartite on the leg: he exchanges the N-VA therefore, in for CD&V. Striking: for his own kartelpartner Green, there is no schepenmandaat with, the party is deliberating over its position.

The Vilvoordse mayor Hans Bonte (SP.A), that the elections marked won in his city, took the time for the bestuursonderhandelingen. After the extensive consultation of last night reached SP.A Green, Open VLD and CD&V last night, an agreement on the political guidelines for the next six years.

The new majority has 26 to 35 seats. The bestuursakkoord ” strengthened ahead to a sustainable vibrant Flemish city on the water’ focuses more on mobility, innovation, youth and sport, security and upgrading of the neighbourhoods.

When the schepenposten on the table were it went wrong. That CD&V (5 seats) but one mandate, it would have stood fast. Because both SP.A and Open VLD absolutely for three seating areas demanded, there was nothing more for Motley’s kartelpartner Green. When Green was a newcomer Barbara, The Baker, an entrepreneur who is on the fourth place on the kartellijst stood, ready to ship.

Disappointment at Green

The party is particularly disappointed. Some feel betrayed by the SP.A and/or Bonte. ‘Green is deliberating over its position”, says the.

Motley did yesterday in The Seventh Day still a remarkable statement about progressive cartels, in retrospect, the perhaps prophetic words. The Vilvoordse mayor stated openly the usefulness of the cartels in question, especially in Ghent and Mechelen where Green the kartelpartner the loef stands out in number of seats. “We need to look at what the role of Green is in the cartels,” he said. ‘Green is in some places a koekoeksjong.’

In Vilvoorde that is not the case: with 477 votes gets The Baker, the highest score of the greens, but within the cartel comes to them only as eighth at the finish. The last two seats are for Jacques Mevis (location 3 on the list, 409 votes), and the young talent Aimen Horch (place 19, 376 votes). The socialists did significantly better.

Green-president Meyrem Almaci is shocked. “I find this really shocking’, it sounds. ‘Bonte has used us, and push us to the side. That is not how we do politics and I hope that this is not the way SP.A to politics. I hope that Variegated in his steps to come back, that would not be more than normal.”