Hamilton is still not a world champion: Raikkönen set British party yet


Hamilton nog geen wereldkampioen: Raikkönen stelt Brits feestje nog even uit

Lewis Hamilton should his party snooze. The Brit was in the United States for the 5th time world champion, but ended up only third. Competitor Sebastian Vettel saw his zegekansen early on go up in smoke, but a stronger back to a fourth place. Therefore, Hamilton still have to wait. The victory was for Kimi Raikkönen. The Fin of Ferrari held a strong Max Verstappen.

Sebastian Vettel knew what he needed to do if he is Lewis Hamilton, today of the title wanted to keep: attack. Saw it first also good for the German: Ferrari team-mate Kimi Räikkönen’s lap immediately pass polesitter Hamilton into the lead. Vettels last chances went, however, after a half-lap up in smoke after a collision with Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull), after which he reversed and the rear to join. And that for the second time in as many races: it is typical for the season that Vettel is going through.

In the background also made Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, on the one hand, and Romain Grosjean and Charles Leclerc, on the other hand there is a mess of. Alonso and Grosjean were allowed to immediately enter with damage to their cars, while Leclerc a little after halfway through there’s also the stop would give. In the meantime, making Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen – eighteenth start after his suspension yesterday broke off and he was still a gridstraf got – a path through the midfield. The duo would soon be in spots four and five.

Ricciardo put race on its head

The match was after 11 laps on his head when the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo for the umpteenth time this year, service refused. The stationary car could be difficult of the job to be removed, making a virtual safety car phase was declared. Hamilton made use of: the Brit dived straight in for a tyre change. Because the cars at a slower pace rondreden, he lost so little time on the competitors. Hamilton came back as third on the track, but the lap on fresh tyres immediately pass team-mate Bottas and closed in no time the gap to Räikkönen.

Räikkönen pass, however, proved a tough job for the proud world cup leader. Two laps long, he was the Fin on the heels, but Räikkönen remained icy cool. The Fin kept the lead and came at the end of lap 21 go in for fresh tires. Räikkönen chose like Hamilton for the soft band, but did have the advantage of on tires to drive ten laps fresher.


Shortly after Räikkönen also came Verstappen, Bottas and finally Vettel to go in for new tires. Hamilton took the lead, but rode on the oldest bands around: he was followed by Räikkönen, Verstappen (who as the only one on the supersoft tyres, reed), Bottas and Vettel. Hamilton, however, was soon in trouble: there were blisters on his rear tyres and lap 38 had the Briton a second time on new rubber. Hamilton came back as fourth on the track.

Team-mate Bottas had Hamilton all over soon, and then the reigning world champion behind number two, Verstappen could go. Little by little, came the Brit closer to our northern neighbour, which in turn also closed on Räikkönen. With ten laps to go was the gap between Räikkönen (first) and Hamilton (third) less than 3.5 seconds: a very exciting final phase began.

The holes were as the rounds wegtikten getting smaller and smaller. The red Ferrari, dark blue, Red Bull and silver-grey Mercedes followed each other through the many winding twists and turns of the Circuit of the Americas. In the background, put the number five Vettel also Bottas under pressure: also the title was still not fully over it. At four laps from the finish, the gap between the numbers one and three even a half second.

Three laps from the end went Verstappen at the end of the long straight line in the error. Hamilton smoke his chance, but couldn’t pass up the Dutchman!!!! and even went outside for the job. Behind those two was Vettel also pass Bottas. Räikkönen didn’t let his heart out: the popular Fin may, for the first time since march 2013, when he was the GP of Australia won the racewinnaar call. 113 races long he was dry: what will this virtue.

Max Verstappen was second for Lewis Hamilton, who was only three points in the win at number four Vettel and so, still no world champion.