Bond beter Leefmilieu is called agreement on wood-burning stoves missed opportunity


Bond Beter Leefmilieu noemt akkoord over houtkachels gemiste kans

The environmental organisation Bond beter Leefmilieu (BBL) is the agreement that the emissions from wood stoves by 2030 should halve a ‘missed opportunity’. “There will need to be driven on nothing burning, and to insulate better. But those aspects are not adequately included in the agreement, ” reads the criticism on Monday proposed ‘Green Deal’.

A total of 24 partners signed on Monday afternoon, an agreement that the negative impact of domestic wood heating on air quality should limit. The wood combustion is responsible for about thirty percent of the uitstof of fine dust and dioxins. Concretely aims at a halving of emissions by 2030. That must be achieved by the older, most polluting equipment out of service.

The environmental organisation BBL let know in a comment that the text was deliberately not signed. “We were involved in the process that led to the creation of the Green Deal. But have decided the text is not to sign, because we have some fundamental objections have, ” Benjamin Clarysse, policy officer energy at BBL.

“We are certainly not against this agreement because we believe that it indeed will have an impact’, so it sounds. “But we would have seen that it is a bit wider was drawn, and that more attention had been for options other than wood combustion, such as, for example, the heat pump. Now there is chosen for a one-on-eenvervangingsbeleid. That is of course a consequence of the fact that you have an agreement with the sector of wood combustion itself.”

BBL says finally that in the Green Deal too little attention is paid to a long-term vision on wood combustion. “Perhaps there will be long-term still a place for wood combustion as a heating fuel, but I think that role will be limited.’